Why invest in Brazil


With a GDP around USD 2,5 trillion, Brazil is an influent player at the financial market. The country accumulates more than USD 350 billion in international reserves, which makes it stand in the top 10 list of countries with the largest financial reserves. Therefore, political decisions in Brazil reflect certain level of influence in the markets, and that affects businesses of several entrepreneurs.

The Brazilian market is extremely attractive to the foreign investment. In that favor, official numbers have showed the increasing demand for foreign capital in the economy, especially concerning the field of services.

Regarding the impex business, from every USD 3.00 spent with import in Brazil, 1 is spent with the import of services. That shows the increasing maturity of the Brazilian economy. Its industrial sector is under both expansion and diversification processes, in which those who engage first are the ones who embrace long-lasting businesses.

A&A understands the Brazilian market. Our team is familiar with inmarket procedures, develops researches and studies from a variety of natures and provides all support for foreign investors to do business within Brazil in a safe, effective way, allowing the rise of profitable deals.




Follow Up

In order to assist the foreign investor who aims to debut or improve his businesses in Brazil, the government offers a number of mechanisms which stimulate the inward movement of foreign capital into the Brazilian economy. They are fiscal privileges, credit lines with low interest rates at long-term amortization, numerous government-bank associations, and a variety of policies that allow investors from all over the planet to insert themselves in the Brazilian economy with consistent and stable profits.

For companies that wish to export to Brazil, A&A team gathers a unique network that will bring together importers and exporters, even discover new clients, developing researches and directed analyses, allowing new deals. Due to the location of our head office in the Brazilian capital, we are able to establish close contact with the government, helping improve the current mechanisms and possibly helping introduce new ones.

Our Foreign Investor Team Support – FITS is expert in foreign trade business. International consulting, import/export assistance, Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), market analysis and all support for the investor to enter the Brazilian market in a safe and efficient way.