Our Job

A&A Associates is a consulting company with expertise in foreign trade and international businesses. Since 2007 our team is present in several fields, ranging from market researches, import/export consulting, viability analysis, FDI (Foreign Direct Investments) consultancy and others. A&A team offers consultancy excellence and all support for foreign investors who are interested in engaging the Brazilian market and doing business within the country. A&A Associates is the bridge between the foreign investor and this widely attractive market.

A&A headquarters is located in Brasilia, the capital of the country. Undoubtedly, it is a privileged location, which provides us with mobility to identify and negotiate basically anywhere. Also, being in the political center of the country allows us to better intermediate businesses, with real-time information and tendencies that may guide your investments.

With our (FITS) Foreign Investor Team Support, the office is prepared to provide the appropriate instruments for our clients in order to close the best deals. Therefore, our contact network helps us participate actively in negotiations, reaching the most adequate options for all parties.

A&A team gathers solid experience in corporate, financial and governmental fields, which provides our clients with its most precious wealth: precise and efficient information.

  • Market Research for Overseas Investors:

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has been the entrance gate for foreign companies into the Brazilian market. It leads direct and indirectly to the opening of job opportunities, which boosts economic activity and improves the life quality of people within the country.

Mostly because of that, the Brazilian Government stimulates the entrance of foreign capital in a large variety of economic fields. In that concern, our team develops customized market researches, viability analysis and a variety of other directed jobs.

  • Commercial Negotiation Consulting:

Our FITS (Foreign Investor Team Support) brings expertise in essential fields in order to assist commercial negotiations. Contract clauses, Guaranty operations, International Cooperation, financial consulting and others. A&A definitely is the extension of foreign companies into the Brazilian market, allowing cost reduction and providing the expertise needed.



The base which made possible the foundation of A&A sustains, until current days, its work philosophy. Professional ethics is present in every single job delivered. Permanent commitment to fulfilling both client and partners’ needs assures the success of the jobs. Commercial confidentiality is an essential key, which provides credibility, while it empowers our mark. Our team is completely aware of the social-environmental impacts of our actions, and we believe in the inclusive and sustainable development.



Establish in Brazil a safe and sustainable business environment to the foreign investor, with ethics and commitment, also contributing to widening the business flow within the country.



Become a benchmark at international business with Brazil, as well as a major player in expanding its commercial activities abroad.