October – Investments and Foreign exchange Reserves

Brazilian foreign financial accounting in October evidence the ongoing rhythm of the economy Foreign exchange reserves have surpassed USD 370 billion, even after several withdrawals performed by the Brazilian Central Bank to keep foreign exchange between boundaries determined within the monetary policy. Reserves remuneration has totaled USD 224 million in the same period.


FDI (Foreign Direct Investments) into the country have summed more than USD 70 billion for the first 10 months, corresponding to 3.83%* of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The amount observed in the month was USD 6.7 billion. On the other side, the FDI flow outwards the country observed no major variation compared to the previous period. USD 465 million have been sent abroad, from which 77 million classified as profits from capital participation and 389 million as resending of profits from investments abroad.


Brazilian external debt have decreased more than USD 350 million, in comparison to the last period observed, performing totals USD 350.3 billion.

The numbers presented above confirm that Brazil is a safe port to the foreign investor. Strong market, in consistent expansion, even in economic uncertainty scenarios, the country evidences its economic independence while it strengthens mechanisms to attract foreign capital.





*Numbers have been extracted from the Brazilian Central Bank, on 11.26-2015.