Brazil and the FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)

On the contrary of what some say, Brazilian economy still represents a safe and profitable shelter for FDIs. The entrance volume of this sort of investment remains high. Focusing in long-term categories, it has even reached increases in certain periods.

Basically, the reason for such impressive numbers lies on the fact that the Brazilian market is present in the world’s largest productive fields. Currently, Brazil represents the third largest market in the fields of mobile computer and cosmetics. It also is the fourth largest country in the automotive industry commerce. All in all, the Brazilian market is attractive for a wide variety of fields and the current scenario is playing an important role at sustaining the economic activity.

As a consequence of such scenario, the dynamism in these fields brings along a number of related activities which collaborate keeping the high levels for FDIs. Sectors such as luxury and premium industry stand as examples of fields which have found considerable increases, and following this line, big luxury companies have brought their subsidiaries into the country, followed by huge amounts of capital invested at medium and long term. In a nutshell, these numbers make evident the thrust investors deposit within the Brazilian market, sealing a long-lasting relationship with the country.

As an example of the first semester of 2014, the inward flow of FDIs in Brazil has found a rise of 8%, yet leaving expectations of doubling that number by the closing of the balance. In general, statistics converge to a common conclusion: investing in Brazil consists in a solid and profitable business.